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When the kingdom of Impetriam began its conquest, the smaller kingdom of Desiria quickly fell to it's overwhelming power. In order to escape the oppression, several citizens of Desiria try to escape to other nearby kingdoms where they might be able live out a new life. One of these citizen was named Lyla, and another was named Ryder. This is the story of their escape from Desiria by boat.

Staff List:

Michael: Director 
JT D.: Programmer/Concept
Ryan S. : Writer
Randell F. : Battle Design

Emotion support and testing:
Michael S.
Samantha H.
Luan T.
Nelson C.
Kevin E.
Mason A.
Carly F.
Jude P.
Stephen S.

Install instructions

Installation instructions

1. Install the .exe file 

2. Run the file and self-extract the folder

3. Run the "Voyage of the Expatriates" application file

4. Enjoy!


Voyage of the Expatriates.exe 127 MB

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